Commercial & Industrial

At D&H Roofing, our commitment to excellence begins with the initial briefing and extends to delivering precise quotes. We are renowned leaders in large-scale commercial and industrial projects throughout the greater Sydney Basin area. Our pride lies in consistently delivering the highest quality work, on time, and within budget.

Re-roofing, New Roof/Replacements

**Elevating Roofs through Expert Replacements** Certain roofing upgrades necessitate more than just repairs; they demand a complete roof replacement or re-roofing. At D&H Roofing, we approach these substantial re-roofing projects with unwavering confidence, thanks to our extensive experience in commercial and industrial ventures.

Roof Maintenance

**Preserving Roof Integrity with Annual Inspections** Regular annual inspections are pivotal for upholding the structural soundness of your roof. D&H Roofing, with our steadfast commitment to safety standards and years of industry expertise, conducts comprehensive assessments of every facet of your roof, meticulously documenting findings for future reference. Our services encompass: – **Cleaning**: Removing debris and ensuring your roof is in pristine condition. – **Painting**: Enhancing both protection and aesthetics. – **Repairs**: Addressing any structural or material concerns promptly. – **Leak Repairs**: Swiftly rectifying any water ingress issues. – **Flashing and Guttering**: Ensuring these vital components are functioning optimally. – **New and Existing Roofing Repairs**: Providing solutions for both new and established roofing systems. Trust in D&H Roofing for the longevity and reliability of your roof.

Roof Inspections

**Safeguard Your Investment with D&H Roofing** Your building’s roof is an integral component of your valuable investment. In a world where weather extremes, from blistering heat to unexpected downpours, are becoming more frequent, entrust the dedicated team at D&H Roofing with the responsibility of safeguarding your roofing infrastructure through thorough inspections.

Roof Plumbing

**Your Roof Plumbing Experts – D&H Roofing**


At D&H Roofing, we excel in every facet of roof plumbing, offering comprehensive expertise that includes guttering, piping, and the design and installation of rooftop drainage systems tailored for commercial and industrial structures. Our skill set encompasses:


– **Guttering**: We ensure effective water diversion and management to protect your property from potential water damage.


– **Piping**: Our proficiency in piping systems guarantees the efficient transport of liquids throughout your roofing infrastructure.


– **Leak Repair**: Rapid and effective leak repair to prevent further damage and maintain the integrity of your roof.


– **Flashing**: Expert flashing installation to safeguard vulnerable areas and prevent moisture intrusion.


When it comes to roof plumbing, trust D&H Roofing for exceptional solutions.